July 2017

April to June 2017

Running things

This has been another very busy and successful three months for the partnership. Edith Lang took over from Joe Russo as chair and the Local Trusted Organisation responsibilities were taken on by Rebecca Manship at Enthusiasm, who is also an ABL resident and on the partnership. These changes are important and, though they may take a while to bed in, they are crucial for the enduring health of Allenton Big Local. Helen Falconbridge and Sharon Sewell have been co-opted onto the partnership and Cath Harcula has stepped down after a fantastic period on the partnership championing adult learning.

The partnership is always looking to improve how it does things. Four actions come to mind since April. First, the Local Trusted Organisation now gives a short financial report to the partnership each month along with the facts and figures. Second, a thorough review process is now in place through sub-groups which consider key review questions and present summary findings to the wider partnership. Third, a revised wording has been included in newly issued partner agreements to make sure strong safeguarding procedures are in place. Fourth, the partnership reviewed the annual survey results and felt that the negative change in how people perceived the safety of the area was a reflection of national trends. It agreed to up the number surveys done each year to a minimum of 200.

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It’s been a busy few months for the Enthusiasm Trust who have been continuing to deliver lots of activities for young people in Allenton. As well as the weekly youth club sessions at St Martin’s Church on Flint Street, they have also been providing weekly outreach and engagement work at the shopping area in Boulton Park, around the MUGA at the end of Wilkins Drive (near to Aldi), outside Merrill Academy on Brackens Lane and along the canal path.  

At both the outreach sessions and the youth club itself, Enthusiasm makes sure that young people are made aware that youth mentors are available for half an hour each side of the regular youth club time slot. The mentors can provide advice and further support, and are there for anyone who wants to raise any safeguarding issues they may have.

????????????????????????????????????The Allenton Big Local funded cookery course delivered by Nacro Derby Osmaston Family Project continues to deliver useful hints and tips to parents to help them deliver healthy meals for their families on a budget.

In the latest report from Nacro, Margaret Woodbridge said: “Many families in Allenton continue to face real food poverty. A lack of money means they struggle daily to eat and get the right nutrition. Some parents have to cook for large families – six or seven children in some cases – and providing a healthy meal for that many people can be a challenge.