Meeting dates and Minutes

Upcoming meeting dates

We hold our monthly meetings at 5.30pm at Chatterbox Café St Martins Methodist Church Flint Street Derby DE24 9BH. You can find a map of Flint Street here. Please note that the meeting room is main front glass doors.

Minutes of 2022 partnership meetings

3rd February ABL minutes
3rd March ABL minutes
7th April ABL minutes

Minutes of 2021 partnership meetings

12th January ABL minutes

9th February ABL minutes

9th March ABL minutes

13th July ABL minutes

14th September ABL minutes


Minutes of 2020 partnership meetings

14th January ABL minutes

10th March ABL minutes

Tuesday 14th April 2020 (Zoom virtual Mtg)

Tues 12th May 2020 (Zoom virtual mtg)

Tues 9th June 2020 (Zoom virtual mtg)

Tues 7th July 2020 (Zoom virtual mtg)

Tues 8th Sept 2020 (Zoom virtual mtg)

Tues 13th Oct 2020 (Zoom virtual mtg)

Minutes of 2019 partnership meetings

10th December ABL minutes

12th November ABL minutes

8th October ABL minutes

10th September ABL minutes

9th July ABL minutes

18th June ABL minutes

14th May ABL minutes

9th April ABL minutes

12th March ABL minutes

12th February ABL Annual General Meeting

15th January 2019 minutes

Minutes of 2018 partnership meetings

11th December minutes final

ABL Partnership Meeting Minutes 13th Nov 2018

ABL Partnership Meeting Minutes 9th October 2018

ABL Partnership Meeting Minutes 11th September 2018

ABL Partnership Meeting Minutes 14th August 2018

ABL Partnership Meeting Minutes 10th July 18

Minutes ABL Group 12 june 18

Minutes ABL Group 8 May 2018

ABL group minutes 10th April 2018

Minutes ABL Group 13 March 2018

Extraordinary meeting 16 February 2018

Minutes ABL Group 13 February 2018

Minutes from previous years

Minutes ABL Group from 2017

Minutes ABL Group from 2016

Minutes ABL Group from 2015

Minutes ABL Group from 2014