Service Level Agreements

It is our policy to keep local residents informed about how Big Local funding is being spent in Allenton. In line with that aim, on this page you will find the Service Level Agreements that have been agreed by the Allenton Big Local Project with local providers, including costs.

Service Level Agreements for 2019-2022

SLA Derby Adult Learning Service Creative Activities 2019-2022

SLA Derby Adult Learning Service Reducing Barriers 2019-2022

SLA Enthusiasm Mentoring 2019-2022

SLA Enthusiasm Life Skills for Young People 2019-2022

SLA Enthusiasm Events & Celebrations 2019-2022

SLA Enthusiasm Street Performances 2019-2022

SLA Nacro Families & Children 2019-2022

Service Level Agreements for 2016-2019

Yr3-5 SLA Nacro Families and Children 2017-19

SLA Enthusiasm – Life Skills for Young people 2017-2019

SLA Enthusiasm – Mentoring 2017-2019

SLA Enthusiasm – Street Performance 2017-2019 (1)

SLA Derby Adult Learning – Work Club 2017-19 VERSION 3

Yr3-5 SLA Nacro – Healthy Eating Project 2017-2019

Derby Adult Learning

Nacro – Families and Children

Nacro – Healthy Eating

Enthusiasm – Young People

Enthusiasm – Mentoring

Enthusiasm – Street Performance

Enthusiasm – Events and AGM

Guidemark Publishing – Communications

Service Level Agreements from 2014-2016

Derby Adult Learning


Guidemark Publishing

Nacro – Families

Nacro – Children

Enthusiasm – Young People

Further SLAs will be added to this page as they are agreed.


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