Bursary Scheme helps learners to improve their English

BursaryLearnersTwo residents of Allenton have used the Bursary Scheme to help improve their English language skills. Qin Qin Chen and Jie Li (pictured left) applied for funding for the ESOL Level 3 course delivered by Derby Adult Learning at the Allen Park Centre in Allenton.

Both Qin Qin and Jie have now passed their Entry Level 3. Here’s what they said about the funding they received:


I applied for a bursary from Allenton Big Local because I could not afford the fee for my ESOL course. I haven’t got a job and my English was very poor. When I received the funding I was able to join the ESOL course with Derby Adult Learning at Allen Park Centre. I have passed my ESOL Entry 3 Level reading. My English has improved a lot since I joined this course and I am able to communicate better in the community. I can help my child do his homework, feel confident to talk to his teacher, talk with doctor and I made lots of new friends in the course.

I have really enjoyed this course and have learned a lot. Thank you Allenton Big Local.

Qin Qin Chen

I applied for the bursary. Because I didn’t have a job and my English was very poor I couldn’t afford to pay for my ESOL course.

I received £500 of funding and was able to join the ESOL course at Allen Park Centre. Since joining the course I have passed my Entry 3 Level reading and writing. I am enjoying this course. My English is much better and a lot more confident now. I can help my child with his homework, make an appointment and I have made new friends in the course.

Jie Li

If you live in the Allenton Big Local area and would like to know more about how to apply for funding from the Bursary Scheme, go to www.biglocalallenton.co.uk/bursary where you will find details of the scheme, eligibility criteria and an application form.


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