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Every three months our Local Trust Rep provides an update on all matters ABL

Rep Report August 2018

How things are run in Big Local – Big Local rep, Bill Badham reflects

Occasionally questions arise about how the Big Local resident-led programmed is managed and overseen. Residents on the local partnership put themselves forward to support the community, giving of their time and expertise. They do an amazing job in identifying and responding to its priorities. They can face many challenges, along with the rewards of helping make their area an even better place to live. They open themselves up to comment and, just occasionally, this can become quite personal and hurtful. This blog sets out how Big Local is run and the checks in place to make sure there is maximum benefit to residents, minimum bureaucracy and sound scrutiny to make sure things are run right.

Back in 2010, the National Lottery set up Big Local as a community-led programme to reach 150 areas in England, with at least £1m to spend over about 10 years. By 2012, all areas had got underway. Each area must follow a required pathway, including setting up a local residents’ group, choosing a local trusted organisation to be the legally accountable body, connecting with the wider community, researching local needs and building, implementing and reviewing a plan that responds to local priorities.
Local Trust ( manages the whole programme and holds and invests unspent money until needed. Return on that investment is distributed locally to add to the £1m for each area. Each area must have a Big Local rep to oversee progress and support the local area, also paid for centrally and managed through Local Trust.
Each Big Local area is run by a local partnership which must include at least five residents, making up at least 51% of the partnership with at least 51% of voting rights. The make-up and functioning of the partnership is reviewed annually to check that it is in good health and remains relevant and responsive to local needs, with clear policies and procedures to guide its work and respond to concerns and complaints.
The Local Trusted Organisation is chosen by the local partnership as one that can be accountable, support the partnership and keep to the vision and values of Big Local. It is vetted by Local Trust and must keep all relevant records, submit its accounts and be open to spot checks from Local Trust. It signs a legal contract with Local Trust to ensure it keeps to the ethical and financial requirements of Big Local. In this area, it is paid no more than 5% of local spend and this payment is paid centrally, not from local funds.
The partnership is responsible for the development of the local plan and to make sure it is delivered with partners working toward the shared vision and objectives. This plan is checked thoroughly by Local Trust before approval. Subsequent spend is reviewed every six months by the partnership and Local Trust. There are Service Level Agreements between the Local Trusted Organisation and partner organisations to monitor progress. Reports from delivery partners need approval from the partnership before funding is released. The Big Local rep also submits a quarterly report to Local Trust on progress, successes and any areas of concern locally.
Each area is part of the wider Big Local community. Support, learning and sharing opportunities are available to make the most of Big Local as a powerful, resident-led, community focused programme to help make the 150 areas even better places to live.
Bill Badham
Big Local Rep
August 2018

Reps Reports

Allenton Big Local Rep Report

39917937_1880468518701257_8882727417420972032_oYoung people enjoying the summer on a trip out with Enthusiasm

July-September 2018

As your Big Local Rep, every three months I share my thoughts on local area progress with you as residents and with the central team managing the national programme. Your comments and thoughts are always welcome.

Looking Back

Running Things

The partnership meets monthly and the minutes are posted on the website. It welcomes a new resident member to the partnership and is pleased to have filled the communications post with a current resident partnership member. It is time once again to renew partnership members’ DBS checks, which is being undertaken by Enthusiasm, the Local Trusted Organisation.

The partnership is committed to an in depth review of the stats and stories that are behind the needs and priorities of the community and this begun in September. The next phase being led by Jane Bettany uses a survey and focus groups to hear the stories behind these stats.

Doing Things
Service Level Agreements are in place for the current year and the July to September management reports will be posted soon. These in turn contribute to good news stories and newsletters.

St Martin’s community hall #allentonbigbuild progresses, with funds recently secured from other sources for outside works. The café and other facilities are gradually re-opening in this wonderfully developed and improved community facility. The centre’s management committee will be re-booted shortly in order to help develop opportunity, usage and income.

The partnership also supported the Oscar Tracks BMX Event at Cotton Lane, a partnership with Enthusiasm Trust, Derby Homes and Derby City Council, providing free refreshments, inflatables, bmx challenges and fun for all the community. A hugely successful Senior Citizens Afternoon Tea also took place on 15th September 2018.

Looking Ahead
The coming three months will see the results of the review of the background profile emerging and informing the drafting of the new plan, due to start in April 2019. Continuing community consultation will include the AGM and annual celebration in the New Year.


Allenton Big Local Rep Report Apr – Jun 2018

Allenton-Big-Local-Report-Jan to Mar-2018

Local Rep’s report

July – September 2017

Running things

This has been another busy quarter for the Allenton Big Local partnership with busy and productive partnership meetings and a lot of work and activity happening over the summer period. The partnership meetings are open and the minutes are posted on the website. The partnership has welcomed one new resident member, Nicola Camp. The partnership continues its systematic and thorough review of activities under each of the themes in the plan, appreciating this quarter the value and quality of the family work undertaken through NACRO and the recent upturn with street performance. 

Doing things

St Martin’s community hall is undergoing its transformation. The digger got stuck in on 17 July. A desired schedule is in place, but has to respond flexibly to the times when the firms can dedicate time and personnel. #allentonbigbuild page has regular updates for a project now worth around £500,000. Regular bookings and activities at the hall are being maintained to provide as normal a service as possible.

Other work continued over the summer across the range and depth of activities in the plan, with excellent reports on the website for:

Youth activities, Family support, Dance group, Job seekers support and Support for older residents

Looking at just one area in more detail, The Enthusiasm Trust  delivered activities throughout the summer, with seven open access sessions. 54 young people participated through these clubs and activities with 100 engagements in total. The sessions included football, games, CV workshops and girl-only sessions, including piloting a new girl only club called ‘Girl Code’ which was launched with a girls sleepover.

Looking ahead

The early autumn will see the partnership undertake its annual review to check on its health and effectiveness. In October it is hosting a national event with Big Kirk Hallam at the community hall on young people at the heart of Big Local.



Big Local Rep’s Update

April to June 2017

Running things

This has been another very busy and successful three months for the partnership. Edith Lang took over from Joe Russo as chair and the Local Trusted Organisation responsibilities were taken on by Rebecca Manship at Enthusiasm, who is also an ABL resident and on the partnership. These changes are important and, though they may take a while to bed in, they are crucial for the enduring health of Allenton Big Local. Helen Falconbridge and Sharon Sewell have been co-opted onto the partnership and Cath Harcula has stepped down after a fantastic period on the partnership championing adult learning.

The partnership is always looking to improve how it does things. Four actions come to mind since April. First, the Local Trusted Organisation now gives a short financial report to the partnership each month along with the facts and figures. Second, a thorough review process is now in place through sub-groups which consider key review questions and present summary findings to the wider partnership. Third, a revised wording has been included in newly issued partner agreements to make sure strong safeguarding procedures are in place. Fourth, the partnership reviewed the annual survey results and felt that the negative change in how people perceived the safety of the area was a reflection of national trends. It agreed to up the number surveys done each year to a minimum of 200. Continue reading Big Local Rep’s Update


Big Local Rep’s Update

January – March 2017

As your Big Local Rep, every three months I share my thoughts on local area progress with you as residents and with the central team managing the national programme. Your comments and thoughts are always welcome.

Looking back

Running things

The partnership meets each month and residents are welcome. With a second plan approved and in place and running smoothly, the partnership has focused on community connection and one of its major partner projects these last three months.

In January Allenton Big Local held a resident and partners event and Annual General Meeting. Two new members were welcomed and a summary of activity and spend shared with those present. Progress was applauded and future plans warmly greeted. Continue reading Big Local Rep’s Update

Big Local Rep’s Update

October – December 2016

As your Big Local Rep, every three months I share my thoughts on local area progress with you as residents and with the central team managing the national programme. Your comments and thoughts are always welcome.

Looking back

Running things

The partnership meets each month and residents are welcome. The current three year plan is going well. The spendometer on the website front page shows exactly what has been spent and committed while new measures have been agreed with Enthusiasm as the Local Trusted Organisation to improve the regular reporting of financial information. Activity reports are received, reviewed and approved by the partnership.

In recent months, the partnership has reviewed the local landscape to inform future direction and emerging priorities. It has reviewed and refreshed the constitution and clarified the election and voting process for the community event and AGM on 10 January 2017. It has explored the idea of Allenton Big Local Associates as a wider circle of people who can help with the running of things. Continue reading Big Local Rep’s Update

Big Local Rep’s update

July – September 2016

Looking back

This has been a busy period for Allenton Big Local and the autumn starts with encouraging news about community hub developments and plans developing for the AGM in January. 

Running things

The partnership meets each month and residents are welcome. The new plan is embedded and progress and finances are reviewed regularly. The spendometer on the website front page shows exactly what has been spent and committed to date. Reports of activity funded are received, reviewed and approved by the partnership, such as this recent one on tasty food and healthy eating. One development is to track added value partners bring to the work being funded by Allenton Big Local and quarterly reports now ask for reflections on this. The work club for example has a six monthly budget of £6k and it brought added value of £4.7k. And while partnership costs are budgeted for at £500 for six months the added value is already over £1k. Gradually the partnership will be able to build a picture to show how much is contributed in resources and volunteer hours by residents and partners for every pound of the £1 Million spent. 

There has been interest from some residents and workers about attending and joining the partnership and these contacts are being followed up by the plan co-ordinator. Continue reading Big Local Rep’s update

Big Local Rep’s update

April – June 2016

This has been a productive time, settling in with the new plan, approved by Local Trust.

Looking back

The second plan running for three years has been approved by Local Trust. This is a tribute to the leadership and vision of the partnership group, translated into practical action to help make Allenton an even better place to live. It builds on a core of successful work in the first plan and responds to new challenges and opportunities. The revised boundary of the Allenton Big Local has also been approved, making more sense of where people feel part of Allenton. The Spendometer shows overall investment so far and the first payment of £155,604.23 to cover the first six months of the new plan had been received fromLocal Trust.

Monthly meetings are well attended by the partnership and are the main means to review progress and develop ideas. With the three year plan approved, the partnership is keen to keep its edge, to not get stuck in routine and has built in issues to explore in more detail over the coming year to ensure relevance and awareness of emerging concerns.

The partnership has taken part in two national evaluations this last quarter: the partnership survey across all 150 areas with findings out soon and the Impact study – what difference are we making. The research is now complete and you can find the summary report and full report on the Local Trust website here. A film crew arrives in Allenton in mid July to capture some of the activity and successes to contribute to a national Big Local film.

There is steady progress on the St Martin’s Church Community Hub, with a sub-group meeting regularly to support progress. SLAs and reports are published online, with one called Success for Gail showing the success of the work club. The partnership is interested in recording and sharing the additional value achieved through Allenton Big Local funding and has started to ask partners to record this in a systematic way. This fits with learning arising nationally across Big Local.

Sharing the story remains important to the partnership. Film has been used with young people at the Enthusiasm Youth Club. The latest newsletter has been published and distributed. The partnership is also mindful of the need to keep in touch with the elected politicians and recently wrote and sent a recent newsletter to Margaret Becket, the local MP.

Looking ahead

The coming months will see an embedding of the plan, agreeing an annual plan of events throughout the year, rather than the previous focus on one principle event in the summer. The community hub should see the architect’s drawings complete and approved to move toward construction.

Working well

The link between plan and delivery remains very strong, with the need to ensure the partnership remains open to the challenges of a changing environment. Reporting is outstanding with a rich array of approaches, including newsletters, stories and film, backed up by active social media.


The latest from our Big Local Rep

Big Local Rep’s Report for January – March 2016

Looking back

This has been a busy three months, reviewing and building the new plan and making progress on delivery, including toward the community hub.

Running things

Monthly meetings are well attended by the partnership and an excellent forum for sharing and reviewing progress and scoping new ideas. All residents are welcome to attend.

The plan review was undertaken by the partnership in January. This was a thorough process and one that brought learning from the first year in one place.

The second plan followed, with a strong mix of holding on to what had worked and adding new or revised elements that responded best to learning and new emerging needs.

The brilliant and very clear Spendometer shows spend to date and projected spend through the next three year plan. The partnership recognises this is an accelerated spending curve in line with need, opportunity and capacity which will need to be addressed in the final years of the ten year programme.

Doing things

Activity remains strong relating to all main priorities and all SLAs and reports are published on line for transparency and accountability. Those from NACRO for children and young people and Enthusiasm for young people led onto a new initiative of inviting and hearing from those who had benefited in a partnership meeting. This brought the stories into the room and gave direct evidence of activity and its impact.

The plan assessment was undertaken by Helen Fairweather who met with some of the partnership. In her report she wrote:

“Activities are already starting to show shifts in perceptions, and have a good mix between individual support for the most vulnerable, and developing community facilities and spirit, which should be a good basis for lasting change.”

Looking ahead

With the second plan approved, the partnership is looking forward to seeing a building up of activity with children and young people and their families. In addition, it is looking at community events for the year and looking to move from one big event to at least four smaller ones, based on community feedback and seeking greater reach and impact for money spent.

There is new hope for the St Martin’s proposed community hub gaining momentum after the appointment of a project lead with an excellent track record, skills and appetite. As a church member, she is also joining the Allenton Big Local partnership which will strengthen ties and improve shared effort.

Working well

The partnership remains strong and vibrant and keen to do the very best with and for residents. It is thorough in its working and committed to transparency and showing the impact Allenton Big Local is having. It was very disappointed in the poor quality of its experience of the national impact process led by R4C but this has not dampened its appetite to review its work in innovative ways such as working with young people from the youth club as reporters, using multi-media to tell the story.

Bill Badham – Allenton Big Local Rep

Bill Badham, Local Trust Rep

Local Rep’s report July to September

Here is an update from our Big Local rep, Bill Badham, on the latest developments in Allenton Big Local.

Running things

The partnership consists of 10 people, six of whom are residents. It meets monthly to review progress on the plan and respond to new opportunities and requests. All minutes are put on line as soon as possible.

The partnership reviewed the end of year one budget and agreed the second year budget, what to carry over and what new projects to fund. Continue reading Local Rep’s report July to September


Local rep’s report – April to June 2015

This has been an important three months of reflection and consolidation, adding to the partnership, taking stock of the plan and gaining approval from Local Trust of the second year budget.

Looking back

Running things

The partnership remains strong and continues to meet monthly. The second year’s activities and budget of the two year plan have been approved after a comprehensive review posted on the website. The partnership constitution has been updated and uploaded to the website after the annual review. A new resident member of the partnership was recruited. Heather Russo lives and works in the area for Enthusiasm and brings valuable knowledge and skills to Allenton Big Local. Continue reading Local rep’s report – April to June 2015


Taking stock and moving on

This has been a busy time for Allenton Big Local, moving on with funded activities, reviewing progress after the first year and setting sights for the second year.

Bill Badham, Local Rep

Looking back

Running things

The partnership remains strong and continues to meet monthly. In the New Year it undertook a thorough review of progress and headlines were posted here on the website.

The partnership agreed that the vision is sound and a good strapline. The focus on a stronger community still applies. Continue reading Taking stock and moving on

Bill Badham, Local Trust Rep

Update from our Local Rep

October – December 2014

Bill Badham, Local Trust Rep

These last three months have been busy in running ABL and doing things to deliver on the plan’s priorities.

Running things

The partnership has continued to meet monthly and has a strong core of residents and workers bringing commitment and leadership. There has been a change in plan co-ordinator, with Kim Bell moving on and Jane Bettany taking over. Jane is already a member of the partnership, focusing on the news hub and communications and so knows the workings of the partnership and the plan very well. This has enabled a smooth transition. Continue reading Update from our Local Rep


Blog report from Big Local Rep

Reflecting on the last three months

by Bill Badham, Big Local Rep

BillBadhamPhotoEvery quarter, I’m asked to report on Big Local area progress to Local Trust and Renaisi, who manage the Big Local national programme. It gives me the chance to reflect on how things are going and to look at any challenges ahead. This blog is based on that report and I hope you find it useful. It picks up some of the highlights from the last three months.

The partnership has been making great strides thanks to the work of the group and of their plan coordinator, Kim Bell. Service Level Agreements are now in place for work with children and with young people. Work has started on some elements and will start in other areas soon.

The partnership with Merrill Academy and the communications company on recording and reporting Allenton Big Local news is now cemented and is a great model that other Big Local areas are interested in.

The planning for the first annual summer festival – The Event @ Allenton – is well in hand and is also a good model. The event will take place on 13 September and will combine fun and activities with Big Local promotion and review.

The partnership is stronger with four new members, of whom two are voting residents and two are non-voting co-options.

The first round of the community chest went well and the locally developed model proved robust and effective.

In the coming months, more aspects of the plan will come on stream and the celebration and AGM event in September will mark a great moment in Allenton Big Local’s journey in helping residents make the area an even better place to live.