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Reviewing the Allenton Big Local profile

As part of the process for putting together the next Allenton Big Local Plan, a profile review consultation has recently been carried out, drawing on the experiences, knowledge and needs of local residents. The feedback received featured some recurring comments and shared concerns and ideas for making things better for the community.

To find out more, you can:

Overall, the feedback from the discussions, focus groups, surveys, interviews and other resident feedback endorsed Allenton Big Local’s three existing priorities and supported the kind of activities being delivered. When asked about the current priorities and activities, residents said that they felt they were still valid and relevant, were addressing the priorities, and having an impact. Those who had engaged or benefited directly from ABL activities said that being involved had made a positive difference and they were satisfied with what had been delivered.

The online survey, which was completed by 131 people, asked the question: What do YOU think Allenton Big Local’s priorities for action should be? Respondents were asked to select THREE choices from eight options. The survey results were: Continue reading Reviewing the Allenton Big Local profile

Reps Reports

Allenton Big Local Rep Report

39917937_1880468518701257_8882727417420972032_oYoung people enjoying the summer on a trip out with Enthusiasm

July-September 2018

As your Big Local Rep, every three months I share my thoughts on local area progress with you as residents and with the central team managing the national programme. Your comments and thoughts are always welcome.

Looking Back

Running Things

The partnership meets monthly and the minutes are posted on the website. It welcomes a new resident member to the partnership and is pleased to have filled the communications post with a current resident partnership member. It is time once again to renew partnership members’ DBS checks, which is being undertaken by Enthusiasm, the Local Trusted Organisation.

The partnership is committed to an in depth review of the stats and stories that are behind the needs and priorities of the community and this begun in September. The next phase being led by Jane Bettany uses a survey and focus groups to hear the stories behind these stats.

Doing Things
Service Level Agreements are in place for the current year and the July to September management reports will be posted soon. These in turn contribute to good news stories and newsletters.

St Martin’s community hall #allentonbigbuild progresses, with funds recently secured from other sources for outside works. The café and other facilities are gradually re-opening in this wonderfully developed and improved community facility. The centre’s management committee will be re-booted shortly in order to help develop opportunity, usage and income.

The partnership also supported the Oscar Tracks BMX Event at Cotton Lane, a partnership with Enthusiasm Trust, Derby Homes and Derby City Council, providing free refreshments, inflatables, bmx challenges and fun for all the community. A hugely successful Senior Citizens Afternoon Tea also took place on 15th September 2018.

Looking Ahead
The coming three months will see the results of the review of the background profile emerging and informing the drafting of the new plan, due to start in April 2019. Continuing community consultation will include the AGM and annual celebration in the New Year.


Allenton Big Local Rep Report Apr – Jun 2018

Allenton-Big-Local-Report-Jan to Mar-2018


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RAM Energy, working in partnership with the energy supplier Robin Hood Energy, is a not-for-profit brand created by Derby City Council to help tackle fuel poverty and rising energy bills. The scheme offers anyone in Derby and the Midlands low cost gas and electricity and help making the switch.

RAM Energy’s biggest aim is to save people money on their energy bills. As a not-for-profit provider they don’t have shareholders or director bonuses to pay, this means they can keep the prices down for everyone. They have tariffs ranging from Fixed Plus to Pre-payment so you can pick the best for you. Continue reading See how much you could save with RAM Energy

2016 survey results

SurveyResults2016We conducted our annual survey in 2016 to find out how residents feel about living in Allenton and to better understand people’s perceptions of the area.

In all we talked to 70 people (24% male, 76% female), of which 69% lived within the Allenton Big Local area. Most of the other respondents lived close by or worked within the Allenton Big Local area. The average age of respondents was 33. Continue reading 2016 survey results

Reviewing the landscape

1585729Allenton Big Local is into its third year of funding, and our second Big Local plan has been approved by Local Trust. We have agreed activities and spend up until March 2019 – but that doesn’t mean that we aren’t open to developing new activities driven by emerging trends and changes in our community.

Because change is constant, we realise the importance of remaining alert and vigilant to developments within the Allenton landscape that affect local people, groups and services. Continue reading Reviewing the landscape

Feeling the impact of Big Local

Local Trust Big Local logo Allenton Big Local was one of 20 Big Local areas chosen to participate in a piece of research conducted by Resources for Change on behalf of Local Trust. The aim of the research was to:

“Capture the impact, achievements and learning of some of the earliest plans to be endorsed to demonstrate what the Big Local model has been able to achieve and draw out learning for other Big Local areas moving into delivery. “

Additionally, the researchers were tasked with finding out how each of the Big Local areas they talked to were measuring the impact of their activities. Continue reading Feeling the impact of Big Local

The next three years

Activities for Allenton Big Local’s second plan for the period April 2016 to March 2019 (Years 3 to 5) are now underway and being delivered.

Following a thorough review of the activities and projects delivered during Allenton Big Local’s first two years, the Partnership Group agreed to continue with the activities that have brought positive benefits to the Allenton area, and provide funding for some new areas of work and activity. Continue reading The next three years


A new plan is approved

Allenton Big Local is pleased to report that our second plan, covering the period 1 April 2016 to 31 March 2019, has been approved by Local Trust.

We’re now into year three of our ten year Big Local project, and have already funded and supported a number of great activities that are helping to bring about change and make Allenton a better place to live. Continue reading A new plan is approved

Impact evaluation

Measuring impact

Allenton Big Local is about to enter Year 3 of a 10 year investment period. As we developed our plan for April 2016 to March 2019, we reflected on and reviewed our activities to get a better understanding of the impact Big Local is having on the local community. We also monitor projects on an ongoing basis through management reports and by talking to delivery partners and the people who are benefiting from activities. The reports are shared on our website alongside case studies and stories of change, as well as through our newsletters and on social media. Continue reading Measuring impact


Delivered with Enthusiasm

Allenton Big Local funds a number of activities aimed at helping young people gain new skills, confidence and experience. These programmes are delivered by the Enthusiasm Trust, an Allenton based organisation that works with young people to improve their lives.

This month, Enthusiasm provided its quarterly report in person as a presentation at our monthly Allenton Big Local Partnership Group meeting. Reading written reports is always useful, but there is nothing quite like hearing directly from the people who deliver activities. In fact, Enthusiasm went one better and brought along Courtney, a young person who is being mentored by Enthusiasm and who also helps out by volunteering with them. Courtney talked to the Partnership Group about what the programme has offered her and how she is benefiting. Continue reading Delivered with Enthusiasm


Time to reflect and review


Allenton Big Local’s plan review January 2016

Allenton Big Local’s first plan included agreed activities to be delivered between April 2014 and March 2016. With March 2016 fast approaching, the Partnership Group has been busy reviewing and revising the plan and agreeing a budget and activities for the next three years.

What we have done

We’ve revisited our agreed priorities and three themes to check that these are still relevant and appropriate for Allenton. We held a review of the plan in January 2015 and again in October 2015, as well as at the partnership meeting in January 2016, rating each of the activities as green for go, orange for OK and red for at risk. We are pleased with progress especially in supporting children, families and young people and with adults through skills training and developing the community hub. The community events have also been well received in promoting community spirit and cohesion, such as the big summer event, the street performers and Santa’s Christmas visit to Allenton Market. Continue reading Time to reflect and review

Members of the Partnership Group gather round a table to review the plan

Planning for the next three years

The plan was reviewed using a flipchartAllenton Big Local has a strong record of reviewing its plan. About one year ago we highlighted some of the things that had gone well and some that were less successful – these are all now on track after some alterations to the plan delivery. Regular reviews of governance are also done regularly. This is important for the group, but also for Local Trust to know that things are being done properly.

During our review of the plan, we revisited our principles and vision and considered any new developments in the area and the environment around Allenton. Our observations and comments will be built into the new plan. The partnership group has affirmed the vision for Allenton Big Local, and has reflected on whether the main structures of delivery (linked to our three priorities) are working and worth continuing. Continue reading Planning for the next three years

Pink post-it note with the words 'Time for Review' written on it.

Reviewing the plan

Pink post-it note with the words 'Time for Review' written on it.The Partnership Group met in January to review the first year of the Allenton Big Local plan. The session was aimed at checking progress against objectives, assessing the effectiveness of activities, and identifying action points for the second year of the project. The group also reviewed changes that had taken place locally during the last year, and revisited the project vision and themes to check that they still met the needs of the local community.

An annual review report will now be submitted to the Local Trust that will allow funding to be released for Year 2 of the project. Continue reading Reviewing the plan

Bill Badham, Local Trust Rep

A successful summer

Bill Badham, Local Trust Rep

Reviewing progress – July to Sept 2014

by Bill Badham, Big Local Rep

The summer has been a successful period for Allenton Big Local, continuing to do things to deliver on the plan and to run the partnership effectively.

Doing things

ABL has made progress on the plan, sustaining previously started activity and progressing new strands. The work with children and families through NACRO continues to make a substantial difference to the lives and opportunities of some of those struggling with difficult circumstances. The work with young people through Enthusiasm is now up and running. Continue reading A successful summer

A close up to a laptop keyboard with a red uptade key instead of enter key

What has happened so far?

Here’s some of the work that was carried out in 2011/12


Community Action designed and ordered the flyers and posters for individuals and groups to send in their comments. 11,000 copies went out in the Derby Express newspaper and 2,000 were given to partners to distribute around shops and businesses. A number of comments were received through Facebook, Twitter and the text account (see the comments in previous blog entries).

Networking Event

Community Action hosted a networking event at Base 2 in Allenton on 7th December 2011. Eleven people from eight groups attended and were really keen to help, get involved and consult with their users. Transformations completed four questionnaires and at least four groups were interested in hosting their own consultation events to involve their users.


Enthusiasm worked with a student to develop the original website. The day-to-day management of the site is now being undertaken by Derby Homes as part of their contribution to the partnership.

Twitter and Facebook accounts and SMS comments

We have had 19 comments through various means from an initial consultation. Remember to give out the following contact details when asking residents to give their views on how to spend a Million in Allenton:

    • Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and keep up-to-date!

Consulting Local Groups and Residents

Transformations is a consultancy firm working with us on this project. They are in the process of contacting local groups to ask them to consult with their users so that we can get as many views as possible about how to spend £1 million for the benefit of Allenton. We will feedback what the groups have been saying.