Bursary Scheme

BursarySchemeWebImageOur Bursary Scheme provides help for people living in the Allenton Big Local area who are facing barriers to employment, further education or training.

Eligible residents can apply for up to £500 of support to help them get back into work, or enable them to access education, training and learning opportunities to improve their career prospects. In some circumstances we will also consider supporting the cost of work wear and work clothing.

Those with childcare or caring responsibilities can apply for up to £500 of additional funding towards the cost of childcare or care for an adult dependent where these costs are incurred as a direct result of attending the supported educational or training course.

Applicants must be aged 16 or over and either be seeking employment or looking to improve their career prospects through training or further education.  Please note that no money will be paid directly to individual applicants.

A limit of £1,000 per applicant will apply in each academic year. This will be made up of a maximum of £500 for course fees, training costs, exam or test fees. If you are applying for support with the cost of lessons to learn a new skill (such as driving) or work clothing, any funding awarded will be at the discretion of the Bursary Scheme panel and subject to a maximum of £250 only (this amount will form part of the overall £500 upper limit available for course/training/learning fees).

In addition, those with caring responsibilities can apply for up to £500 for childcare/adult care or other reasonable expenses (in addition to the support offered towards course/learning fees).

The Bursary Scheme is subject to a limited budget in each financial year. Funds will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. If all of the funding is allocated before the end of the financial year, no further applications will be considered until the beginning of the next financial year (which begins on 1 April each year).

Each application will be considered on its own merits and bursary funds will be awarded based on the information provided in each application.

Eligibility: Applicants must be aged 16 or over and live in the Allenton Big Local area. They will need to complete, sign and submit an application form which will be considered by the Allenton Big Local Bursary Scheme panel.

The process: Applications are considered on an individual basis by a small panel made up of members of the Allenton Big Local Training and Employment sub-group. Any financial support provided will be paid to a third party provider, and not to the applicant directly. Allenton Big Local will pay invoices for courses submitted by organisations such as Derby Adult Learning, Derby College, the University of Derby or another recognised education or training provider. Support for childcare or carer services will paid on receipt of invoices from a registered childminder, day nursery or care service provider. Other expenses will be considered and administered on a case by case basis.

Allenton Big Local Bursary Scheme application form academic

Further information and guidance is available in the guidance notes.

The Bursary Scheme is delivered as part of our Priority 3 activities – Creating opportunities for training and employment