Local Rep’s report

Local Rep’s report

July – September 2017

Running things

This has been another busy quarter for the Allenton Big Local partnership with busy and productive partnership meetings and a lot of work and activity happening over the summer period. The partnership meetings are open and the minutes are posted on the website. The partnership has welcomed one new resident member, Nicola Camp. The partnership continues its systematic and thorough review of activities under each of the themes in the plan, appreciating this quarter the value and quality of the family work undertaken through NACRO and the recent upturn with street performance. 

Doing things

St Martin’s community hall is undergoing its transformation. The digger got stuck in on 17 July. A desired schedule is in place, but has to respond flexibly to the times when the firms can dedicate time and personnel. #allentonbigbuild page has regular updates for a project now worth around £500,000. Regular bookings and activities at the hall are being maintained to provide as normal a service as possible.

Other work continued over the summer across the range and depth of activities in the plan, with excellent reports on the website for:

Youth activities, Family support, Dance group, Job seekers support and Support for older residents

Looking at just one area in more detail, The Enthusiasm Trust  delivered activities throughout the summer, with seven open access sessions. 54 young people participated through these clubs and activities with 100 engagements in total. The sessions included football, games, CV workshops and girl-only sessions, including piloting a new girl only club called ‘Girl Code’ which was launched with a girls sleepover.

Looking ahead

The early autumn will see the partnership undertake its annual review to check on its health and effectiveness. In October it is hosting a national event with Big Kirk Hallam at the community hall on young people at the heart of Big Local.



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