Measuring impact

Measuring impact

Allenton Big Local is about to enter Year 3 of a 10 year investment period. As we developed our plan for April 2016 to March 2019, we reflected on and reviewed our activities to get a better understanding of the impact Big Local is having on the local community. We also monitor projects on an ongoing basis through management reports and by talking to delivery partners and the people who are benefiting from activities. The reports are shared on our website alongside case studies and stories of change, as well as through our newsletters and on social media.

Whilst the Allenton Big Local Partnership is responsible for guiding the overall direction of Big Local funding for the area, our plans are endorsed, monitored and supported by Local Trust.

Local Trust has recently conducted an impact evaluation to help them measure the impact of activities against the objectives set out in the Big Local Plan. Allenton Big Local was pleased to be part of this evaluation.

Resources for Change, a development consultancy that works with community organisations, was asked to complete the evaluation on behalf of Local Trust. Cerys Thomas from Resources for Change met with members of the Allenton Big Local Partnership Group to learn more about the activities being undertaken in Allenton. In her report, Cerys Thomas said:

“Allenton Big Local is not only clear about what it wants to achieve, but also clear about how it will know whether what it expected has actually happened. They have developed their thinking on reporting by asking one delivery partner to report at each meeting and to share not only statistical reporting, but also the stories of impact. These might include testimonies in person, or on video, from participants and beneficiaries.”

You can read the full evaluation report here.


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