A new plan is approved

A new plan is approved

Allenton Big Local is pleased to report that our second plan, covering the period 1 April 2016 to 31 March 2019, has been approved by Local Trust.

We’re now into year three of our ten year Big Local project, and have already funded and supported a number of great activities that are helping to bring about change and make Allenton a better place to live.

In its first two years, Allenton Big Local invested a total of £148,181 in the area. In the next three years, we will continue to fund the projects and activities that have been successful and expand our scope to help address some of the issues raised by local residents. Over the next three years, we are planning to spend a total of £539,167. This means that, by the end of Year 5, we will have invested up to £687,348 of the £1m awarded to Allenton by Big Lottery.

You can read a copy of our plan for 2016-19 here on our website, along with the Service Level Agreements that have been agreed with delivery partners.

You can read Local Trust’s assessment of the plan here on our website. The assessment reports that:

Activities are already starting to show shifts in perceptions, and have a good mix between individual support for the most vulnerable, and developing community facilities and spirit, which should be a good basis for lasting change.

Joe Russo, Chair of Allenton Big Local said: “We have spent the last few months talking to local residents, reviewing our plan, and agreeing what should happen over the next three years. Now that the plan has been approved by Local Trust, we are excited to get on and put our planned activities into action for the benefit of Allenton residents.”