Our final plan has been approved

New 2022-2023 ABL Plan

Our final plan has been approved

Following on from our previous 2019 to 2022 plan we created our final plan of the 10 year Allenton Big Local project. In it, we share how we will spend the last of the £1.2 Million and the legacy we hope to leave.

As per usual, we submitted our draft plan to the central Local Trust who would then assign us an assessor to evaluate our plan to ensure it meets all the criteria.

Sian Jay, who assessed our plan, was complimentary in her feedback when she stated:

I was particularly impressed by your legacy – Your emphasis on communication and relationship building in your final year is your route to continuing influence. You also want to spread their wings into three surrounding areas, each of which has a community hub, in order to make future work more sustainable. Your legacy is basically increased skills and capacity amongst young people and families, building a solid foundation for the future of your community – a real life illustration of this is one young person supported via one of your projects and now in employment coming back to serve as a partnership member.

The conclusion was a recommendation to Local Trust to approve our plan and release the funds we need to make our final year one to remember.

Read Sian’s full Plan feedback to get the full picture.

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