Plan approval

We are pleased to announce that our new plan has been approved by the Big Local Trust.

Following the assessment process we have received some positive feedback.

“The plan is largely a continuation of work from the previous plan, based on very careful consideration of whether this is still relevant and wanted by the local community, and building on what works. The plan contains great detail, demonstrating the amount of thought and work that has gone into it, together with the in-depth and broad consultation with the Allenton community documented in the Profile Review. The vision and intended outcomes fit closely with the overall Big Local outcomes, and partnership members showed their commitment to bringing about positive change in Allenton, from children and young people upwards. The delivery model runs smoothly, but is dependent on the ability and capacity of the plan co-ordinator and partnership members. The LTO-partnership relationship is strong, and the LTO is trusted, based on work to date with Allenton Big Local and with its other funders;  The partnership have made a clear decision to focus the remainder of their investment in this three year period, intending to ensure delivery is effective. They recognise that ABL’s legacy will come in many forms, and they are encouraging their delivery partners to think about sustainability beyond the Big Local funding.”Allenton Plan Offer Letter Apr19 pdf

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