Skegness trip

Skegness Trip

Skegness trip

On Wednesday 25th of August, the Enthusiasm team took 37 families and 14 young people up to Skegness on 2 coaches. The coach was free but the people that we had down had to place a £10 deposit but they would get that back on the day. This was just to secure their place as some people might have let us down which would have led to spaces not being used and someone else could have come.

On the way to Skegness!

4 weeks prior we had been running HAF program which is funded by the Department for Education to provide additional support to eligible families to access holiday activities. This would be open to all the families around the city that are eligible for free school meals. It was 3pm-7pm session. We would deliver a sports activity, health education quiz and poster, music sessions, dance sessions and free healthy meals. Most of the families that were involved with HAF was the ones that came to Skegness.

We told everyone to get at cotton lane for 8am-8:15am, in this time we gave out cards that had emergency numbers on them so if they was stuck or they decided to stay a night they could call us and let us know. The coach arrived at 8:30am by the time we marked everyone in and got everyone seated it was 9am. We set off. We had 3 staff on both coaches one at the back, one at the middle and one at the front. We did this to ensure everyone was being sensible and safe.

With the help of funding from ABL this trip was amazing!

Once we got there we gathered all the young people that we were responsible for. We all decided to split into groups and look after our own young people. Enthusiasm paid for all of the mentored young people’s wrist bands and dinner so they could go on rides, have fun and have full tummies. This was a great opportunity to develop a professional relationship between the young person and the mentor.

Everyone was so excited about the trip to Skegness, families spent quality time together and got to go away for a day. Some of the families that we took don’t really get to go away due to lack of money or transport so when we gave them the opportunity to go to Skegness they were really grateful and appreciative as it’s not an everyday thing they get to go on a day out.

The feedback we got from young people and families was so rewarding.

“I was worried about coming today because I didn’t know who was going but you make sure everyone was included and not left out”

“I really enjoyed myself I actually got along with my brother”

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