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Local Rep Report July – Sept 2020

July – September 2020

As your Big Local Rep, every three months I share my thoughts on local area progress with you as residents and with the central team managing the national programme. Your comments and thoughts are always welcome.

A strong and committed partnership

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world – indeed it’s the only thing that ever has”, said Margaret Mead. And thoughtful and committed are two words that well describe your partnership. The energy and dedication to enact local solutions continues. National research shows Big Local partnerships are doing incredibly well, proving a vibrant and positive force locally as Doers, Connectors and Collaborators. Local Trust nationally is getting that message out to policy makers and funders: that resident-led change is vital to community resilience and recovery. But the personal cost can be high. Look after yourselves as well. These difficult times are set to continue. Remember folks to “put on your own oxygen mask first” – that is to say take care of yourselves amidst the urgency of caring for loved ones and the wider community.

Across the country, partnerships are mainly meeting online and decisions rest with the Local Trusted Organisation and partnership in responding to national laws and guidelines and local conditions. Some similar community challenges are being faced across Big Local, included digital inclusion, mental health and the widening economic divide.

Some popular online conferencing support continues including:

 Priorities and achievements looking back: running things well and responding to Covid-19 through close working with partners, collaboration and shared working, support to key families and young people.

 Running things

The partnership remains well connected and is working effectively. Plan delivery is going well during the pandemic. The recent report to Local Trust shows some areas of underspend, but with most activities running according to the plan, albeit in ways responding to Covid-19 requirements. The partnership meets monthly via online conferencing to review plan progress and finances. Minutes are posted on the website. Quarterly management reports are reviewed and these and the service level agreements are posted on the website along with good news stories of local action and change and newsletters. Short videos from partners were posted to social media to increase contact.

 Doing things

Allenton Big Local continues to support local families with food, cleaning products and toiletries, as well as personal support to combat isolation. Partners continue to adapt in seeking ways to respond to resident need.

  • Enthusiasm has continued its support to young people over the summer through outdoor events, mentoring, regular phone calls and virtual online activities. Work on renovating the Multi Use Games Area is underway, joint funded with Sports England.
  • St Martin’s took the lead alongside Chatter Box Café in responding to holiday hunger with referrals and support from Enthusiasm and Nacro.
  • 3 Community Chests were awarded: Allenton United for under 7s equipment, Alvaston Churches Together for Debt Advice and Merrill PFTA for a residential.

Rep’s Report Oct – Dec 19

As your Big Local Rep, every three months I share my thoughts on local area progress with you as residents and with the central team managing the national programme. Your comments and thoughts are always welcome.

Big Local is half way through. An excellent report charting challenges and achievements is well worth a scan. There are also loads of small film clips from residents about the impact you are making. A more catchy way of capturing the Big Local magic is to listen in to these lyrics written at Big Local Connects 2019. Locally and nationally, to quote Local Trust CEO, “We are telling out story more proudly and it seems to be having an effect.”

Priorities and achievements looking back: running things well, accountability and transparency, reviewing the partnership and building sustainability

Running things

The partnership and plan delivery are working well. The partnership meets monthly to review plan progress and finances. Minutes are posted on the website. In October, quarterly management reports were approved and these and the service level agreements are posted on the website along with good news stories of local action and change and newsletters. In November, the partnership review was submitted. In December, the partnership explored models of shared working and collaboration after Big Local ends.

Doing things

Another excellent Christmas event was held at St Martin’s, being run on a reduced budget that models a sustainable future for this much loved event. Along with established areas of work, Allenton Big Local has funded Derby Adult Learning to run half term and holiday activities at St Martin’s Community Hall. These have been very well received. The October programme ran over three days. 99 children took part, with some attending multiple days. The sessions covered music and poetry, creating a textile banner and Halloween crafts. “There were some excellent outcomes and some of these could form part of the ABL legacy. For example, the textile banner is to be displayed at St Martin’s Church and a moving poem, created by the children will be read out at the AGM.”

Key priorities looking ahead

The partnership is planning its AGM for February and as part of this its annual report will be produced and circulated. It will continue to explore ways in which Allenton Big Local could continue to work and benefit residents as an affiliation of partners, rather than as a new organisation.

Plan Review endorsed by Local Trust

Local Trust gives the thumbs up to our review of the current plan ending in April

Local Trust looks at how we’ve reviewed our existing plan before we can submit and have accepted our latest one due to start in April. Comments were very positive. Local Trust said of our review process:  
What we liked about your plan review:
  1.   This is a really good review. It is thorough and uses a number of different methods to evaluate the projects and activities you are funding. 
  2. You have collected and included different types of information to help you demonstrate the difference you are making, such as open data from Local Insight and survey responses from people in your community.
  3. You clearly demonstrate that you are doing lots of great things in Allenton Big Local and continually ensuring that what you’re doing is what the community wants. 
The full report is attached here. Plan review feedback Allenton
We have also now had the assessment for the new plan due to start in April and we await news from Local Trust as to whether we have the green light.

Allenton features in Big Local film

During the summer of 2016, Allenton Big Local was pleased and proud to be asked by Local Trust to take part in the making of a film about Big Local.

Local Trust wanted to capture the power of Big Local and celebrate some of the great work taking place in the 150 Big Local areas across England. Working with film production company Panda Media, Local Trust visited Allenton and South Bermondsey to film residents and partnership group members in a bid to tell some of the amazing Big Local stories that have unfolded so far. Continue reading Allenton features in Big Local film

Learning and networking

1527642On 7 December members of the Allenton Big Local Partnership Group attended a Locally Trusted Organisations and Big Local Partnerships learning and networking event at The Edge in Sheffield.

The day provided a useful opportunity to meet and learn from residents and workers in other Big Local areas. The programme for the day included an update from Local Trust, followed by a series of workshops and information sharing sessions on topics such as financial management, collaboration, organising and facilitating meetings, working with volunteers and managing workers. Continue reading Learning and networking

Feeling the impact of Big Local

Local Trust Big Local logo Allenton Big Local was one of 20 Big Local areas chosen to participate in a piece of research conducted by Resources for Change on behalf of Local Trust. The aim of the research was to:

“Capture the impact, achievements and learning of some of the earliest plans to be endorsed to demonstrate what the Big Local model has been able to achieve and draw out learning for other Big Local areas moving into delivery. “

Additionally, the researchers were tasked with finding out how each of the Big Local areas they talked to were measuring the impact of their activities. Continue reading Feeling the impact of Big Local


A new plan is approved

Allenton Big Local is pleased to report that our second plan, covering the period 1 April 2016 to 31 March 2019, has been approved by Local Trust.

We’re now into year three of our ten year Big Local project, and have already funded and supported a number of great activities that are helping to bring about change and make Allenton a better place to live. Continue reading A new plan is approved

Impact evaluation

Measuring impact

Allenton Big Local is about to enter Year 3 of a 10 year investment period. As we developed our plan for April 2016 to March 2019, we reflected on and reviewed our activities to get a better understanding of the impact Big Local is having on the local community. We also monitor projects on an ongoing basis through management reports and by talking to delivery partners and the people who are benefiting from activities. The reports are shared on our website alongside case studies and stories of change, as well as through our newsletters and on social media. Continue reading Measuring impact

Pink post-it note with the words 'Time for Review' written on it.

Reviewing the plan

Pink post-it note with the words 'Time for Review' written on it.The Partnership Group met in January to review the first year of the Allenton Big Local plan. The session was aimed at checking progress against objectives, assessing the effectiveness of activities, and identifying action points for the second year of the project. The group also reviewed changes that had taken place locally during the last year, and revisited the project vision and themes to check that they still met the needs of the local community.

An annual review report will now be submitted to the Local Trust that will allow funding to be released for Year 2 of the project. Continue reading Reviewing the plan

Bill Badham, Local Trust Rep

Update from our Local Rep

October – December 2014

Bill Badham, Local Trust Rep

These last three months have been busy in running ABL and doing things to deliver on the plan’s priorities.

Running things

The partnership has continued to meet monthly and has a strong core of residents and workers bringing commitment and leadership. There has been a change in plan co-ordinator, with Kim Bell moving on and Jane Bettany taking over. Jane is already a member of the partnership, focusing on the news hub and communications and so knows the workings of the partnership and the plan very well. This has enabled a smooth transition. Continue reading Update from our Local Rep

Bill Badham, Local Trust Rep

Big Local is a “bold approach to regeneration”

Here is the latest blog update from Allenton Big Local’s Rep, Bill Badham:

Bill Badham, Local Trust Rep

Here’s a great article which has just been published online by Positive News. It talks about Big Local as a “bold approach to regeneration, investing over ten years in communities which have been overlooked for funding in the past and, most radically, letting residents hold the £1m purse-strings.”

“Resident decision-makers have gained confidence in public speaking, accounting and community consultation.”

“For most people in these areas, this is the first time they have ever experienced this degree of control over so much money.” Continue reading Big Local is a “bold approach to regeneration”