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April to June 2017

Running things

This has been another very busy and successful three months for the partnership. Edith Lang took over from Joe Russo as chair and the Local Trusted Organisation responsibilities were taken on by Rebecca Manship at Enthusiasm, who is also an ABL resident and on the partnership. These changes are important and, though they may take a while to bed in, they are crucial for the enduring health of Allenton Big Local. Helen Falconbridge and Sharon Sewell have been co-opted onto the partnership and Cath Harcula has stepped down after a fantastic period on the partnership championing adult learning.

The partnership is always looking to improve how it does things. Four actions come to mind since April. First, the Local Trusted Organisation now gives a short financial report to the partnership each month along with the facts and figures. Second, a thorough review process is now in place through sub-groups which consider key review questions and present summary findings to the wider partnership. Third, a revised wording has been included in newly issued partner agreements to make sure strong safeguarding procedures are in place. Fourth, the partnership reviewed the annual survey results and felt that the negative change in how people perceived the safety of the area was a reflection of national trends. It agreed to up the number surveys done each year to a minimum of 200.

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January – March 2017

As your Big Local Rep, every three months I share my thoughts on local area progress with you as residents and with the central team managing the national programme. Your comments and thoughts are always welcome.

Looking back

Running things

The partnership meets each month and residents are welcome. With a second plan approved and in place and running smoothly, the partnership has focused on community connection and one of its major partner projects these last three months.

In January Allenton Big Local held a resident and partners event and Annual General Meeting. Two new members were welcomed and a summary of activity and spend shared with those present. Progress was applauded and future plans warmly greeted.

July – September 2016

Looking back

This has been a busy period for Allenton Big Local and the autumn starts with encouraging news about community hub developments and plans developing for the AGM in January. 

Running things

The partnership meets each month and residents are welcome. The new plan is embedded and progress and finances are reviewed regularly. The spendometer on the website front page shows exactly what has been spent and committed to date. Reports of activity funded are received, reviewed and approved by the partnership, such as this recent one on tasty food and healthy eating. One development is to track added value partners bring to the work being funded by Allenton Big Local and quarterly reports now ask for reflections on this. The work club for example has a six monthly budget of £6k and it brought added value of £4.7k. And while partnership costs are budgeted for at £500 for six months the added value is already over £1k. Gradually the partnership will be able to build a picture to show how much is contributed in resources and volunteer hours by residents and partners for every pound of the £1 Million spent. 

There has been interest from some residents and workers about attending and joining the partnership and these contacts are being followed up by the plan co-ordinator.