We love it when a plan comes together!

We love it when a plan comes together!

Young people from Allenton gained some ‘Dragon’s Den’ style experience recently when they pitched to representatives from Enthusiasm, Derby Homes and Derby City Council to secure Allenton Big Local funding for a Christmas event for young people.

A working group made up of several young people from the Allenton Big Local area met over a period of three months to plan the event. After considering various ideas, they settled on a Christmas party for young people to be held at St Martin’s Community Centre on Flint Street. With help from staff at Enthusiasm, Derby Homes and Derby City Council, the group worked together to complete a risk assessment, draw up a budget and agree a plan to staff and organise the event. They then had to pitch their proposal at the Council House to obtain the Big Local funding that they needed.

The criteria for the pitch was to show good planning, team work, value for money and be prepared to present the information confidently and answer questions satisfactorily. The young people delivered the pitch successfully and were given the go-ahead to arrange the event.

It was held on Tuesday 20 December and attracted around 70 people from the local community. Activities on offer included a bucking reindeer ride, face painting, arts and crafts, a Santa penalty shoot-out, and a variety of other games. A free Christmas themed buffet was also served.

Allenton Big Local would like to say a big ‘thank you’ and ‘well done’ to the young people from the working group who set up, staffed and delivered of all the activities with support from Enthusiasm and Derby Homes.

“I was surprised to learn that young people had planned this event. It’s great to see them getting involved in the community.”

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