June 2015

This has been an important three months of reflection and consolidation, adding to the partnership, taking stock of the plan and gaining approval from Local Trust of the second year budget.

Looking back

Running things

The partnership remains strong and continues to meet monthly. The second year’s activities and budget of the two year plan have been approved after a comprehensive review posted on the website. The partnership constitution has been updated and uploaded to the website after the annual review. A new resident member of the partnership was recruited. Heather Russo lives and works in the area for Enthusiasm and brings valuable knowledge and skills to Allenton Big Local.

Priority 2 of our Big Local Plan is to improve life skills for families living in the Allenton Big Local area. NACRO Osmaston Family Project delivers the activities for this priority to help children get the best start in life and fulfill their dreams and aspirations. Support is also provided to parents to give them skills that will help to improve family relationships and encourage their children to achieve their goals.

The Enthusiasm Trust continues to deliver support for young people under our Priority 2 activities. Their plan includes the flexibility to deliver ad hoc activities if needed, such as the work they did recently at the local secondary school. Here is their report:

Enthusiasm recently had the opportunity to support Merrill Academy, the secondary school in the centre of the Allenton Big local area. Because of industrial action, the school was closed for three days, which meant that students were unable to attend their classes. As the industrial dispute rolled into a third week without a resolution, the school was faced with a further three day closure.