August 2015

2015SurveyResultsWe conducted another survey at our annual Event to get local people’s views on Allenton. You can download a summary of the survey results here. The 2014 results are also included as a comparison.

The 2015 results suggest that more people are feeling ‘very happy’ about living in Allenton (44% in 2015 compared to 33% in 2014). There has also been a significant increase in the number of people who rated the sense of community in Allenton as ‘good’ (up to 42% compared to 22% in 2014). However, there is a small drop in the number of people who answered the same question with a ‘very good’ rating (down to 6% from 9% in 2014).

Allenton Big Local’s plan to fund the development of a community hub at St Martin’s Methodist Church on Flint Street have been approved. 

The creation of a centrally located community venue was highlighted as a priority during consultations with residents on how Big Local funding should be spent. Once completed, the community hub will include a café that can become a meeting place for local people. St Martin’s will also offer room facilities for hire at the venue for local groups and residents to use for activities such as children’s parties, meetings, training sessions, playgroups, youth clubs, keep fit sessions, drama clubs, and other community events.