Our latest survey results

Our latest survey results

2015SurveyResultsWe conducted another survey at our annual Event to get local people’s views on Allenton. You can download a summary of the survey results here. The 2014 results are also included as a comparison.

The 2015 results suggest that more people are feeling ‘very happy’ about living in Allenton (44% in 2015 compared to 33% in 2014). There has also been a significant increase in the number of people who rated the sense of community in Allenton as ‘good’ (up to 42% compared to 22% in 2014). However, there is a small drop in the number of people who answered the same question with a ‘very good’ rating (down to 6% from 9% in 2014).

There has also been a positive shift in perceptions on safety within the community. 48% of people rated Allenton as either ‘safe’ or ‘very safe’, compared to 33% last year.


Whilst this is a small survey (100 people were questioned), it does provide a positive message in terms of how local residents feel about Allenton. We will conduct a similar survey again next year and continue to measure perceptions on a year-by-year basis.