Changing lives through youth engagement

Changing lives through youth engagement

The Enthusiasm Trust has continued to deliver a packed schedule of activities throughout the summer, many of which have been funded by Allenton Big Local. Enthusiasm provided seven open access youth provisions through weekly youth club sessions at St Martin’s Community Centre and throughout the ABL area through the Summer Splash programme.

54 young people participated through these clubs and activities with 100 engagements in total. The sessions included football, games, CV workshops and girl-only sessions, including piloting a new girl only club called ‘Girl Code’ which was launched with a girls sleepover. 

Sleepover‘Girl Code’ is an opportunity for girls to have fun, share their thoughts and ideas and simply be themselves in a safe space. The launch went very well with 13 young people from across the Triple R Mentoring programme, Youth Club and Dance Project taking part. They shared pizza and snacks, made hot chocolate and chai soya lattes, watched films, learnt new dances to popular music they like to listen too, made up stories, and listened to one another.

The pilot event was great fun and, through consultation done on the night, paved the way to further developing the project. Alongside this, Enthusiasm is looking into piloting a ‘boys only’ group as well, as the boys they engage with have said they would also like to have their own regular activity.

Last quarter covered the period of the school summer holidays, so Enthusiasm Youth Mentors and the wider team were present in and around the neighbourhood throughout the school holidays. This provided opportunities for young people to approach them and talk to them outside of the planned activities and regular events delivered.

Following an organisational restructure over the summer, four new members of the Enthusiasm team will be involved in the delivery of ABL funded projects: Nikita Biggs, Carlos De Abreu, Adrian Bramford and David Smith. A warm welcome to you all – we look forward to hearing about the positive impact your work is having on young people in the Allenton Big Local area.

Allenton Big Local best wishes also to the four young people who journeyed from the Enthusiasm Youth Club to the Youth Academy over the summer months. They will each receive further one-to-one support with everyday life issues, help with identifying new opportunities and developing whole ‘life-skills’, plus real life work experience such as preparing leaflets and flyers, work place conduct and expectations, CV development and learning how to work as part of a team in a busy and changing environment.

Here’s what one of the parents said about how the activities are benefiting her daughter:

“You really are very kind and patient with her; I’d just about given up. She never used to listen to me – we actually speak sometimes now, without shouting!”

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