Delivered with Enthusiasm

Delivered with Enthusiasm

Allenton Big Local funds a number of activities aimed at helping young people gain new skills, confidence and experience. These programmes are delivered by the Enthusiasm Trust, an Allenton based organisation that works with young people to improve their lives.

This month, Enthusiasm provided its quarterly report in person as a presentation at our monthly Allenton Big Local Partnership Group meeting. Reading written reports is always useful, but there is nothing quite like hearing directly from the people who deliver activities. In fact, Enthusiasm went one better and brought along Courtney, a young person who is being mentored by Enthusiasm and who also helps out by volunteering with them. Courtney talked to the Partnership Group about what the programme has offered her and how she is benefiting.

Marc Stevens and Heather Rothon from Enthusiasm also shared a series of photographs taken during the regular activities that are delivered by Enthusiasm using Allenton Big Local funding. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so take a look for yourself.

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Thank you Enthusiasm for delivering such worthwhile activities for young people in the Allenton Big Local area.