Helping families to set goals

Helping families to set goals

AdobeStock_136223569Allenton Big Local funds support for local families which is delivered by the Nacro Osmaston Family Project. You can read their latest update report here on our website.

The last quarter of the year is traditionally very busy for the team at Nacro, particularly in the run up to Christmas, which can be a very stressful time for families. It can be an especially difficult time for families with children where the parents have separated.

Nacro often supports separated parents, which usually means that one has the residence order and the other parent has contact with the children. These situations can be very challenging for everyone involved and, to help the affected families cope, Nacro has created a parenting plan that they work through with the parents to enable them to come to an agreement that will work for the whole family.

They use a solution-focused approach (SFA) to support parents, which is a strengths-based approach that emphasises the resources that people possess and how they can be applied to a positive change process. The SFA concentrates on people’s strengths and considers ‘life without the problem’ rather than analysing the problem in detail.

Margaret Woodbridge from Nacro said: “We encourage parents to set specific, concrete, and realistic goals which are identified through conversations about the things they want to be different in the future.”

Clearly the support given to the families is appreciated. Here’s what some of the parents said about the help they have received over the last three months:

“The support I’ve had has been great and the advice was good. I’ve put into place lots of boundaries.”

“It’s been hard at times as you have to really look at yourself as a parent and have to change your ways.”

“Not being made to feel like a bad parent or be judged was really good as usually I seem to get a bad parent label from everyone else and no help. So thank you.”

“We talk about things a lot more. His Dad is also trying to be consistent alongside me.”

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