Reviewing the landscape

Reviewing the landscape

1585729Allenton Big Local is into its third year of funding, and our second Big Local plan has been approved by Local Trust. We have agreed activities and spend up until March 2019 – but that doesn’t mean that we aren’t open to developing new activities driven by emerging trends and changes in our community.

Because change is constant, we realise the importance of remaining alert and vigilant to developments within the Allenton landscape that affect local people, groups and services.

The Allenton Big Local Partnership Group met in October 2016 to carry out an interim review of the landscape using a simple approach called PESTLE to explore and discuss the changes that are impacting on Allenton. The PESTLE review tool helps explore the changing external environment and covers Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal and Environmental factors. You can read some of the issues identified by our review here.

In summary, we concluded that there are many strengths to the communities in and around Allenton, including social glue, a number of support services for those finding life difficult, and Allenton’s market and shops. In the coming years, there are likely to be opportunities in Allenton to build people power, ensure valued services like the library are held on to, increase social cohesion through community groups and community events and build economic strength and increase trading.

To build and sustain progress, there are significant threats and challenges that will need to be faced, including political changes and priorities, the shrinking and closure of public services, a widening gap between the ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’, deepening poverty and a growing sense among some residents of disconnection and being passed by.  

Allenton Big Local has established itself with a trusted reputation of supporting community activity and helping individuals and families in difficulty. We can sustain and build our effectiveness with and for local residents by continuing to support existing groups and activities and by supporting or helping community action to hold on to valued facilities.

We will use our reflections to ensure we respond to emerging challenges and threats and make the most of the opportunities ahead. Where necessary, we will adjust or add to our funded activities to make sure they remain relevant and effective for our community.