Learning and networking

Learning and networking

1527642On 7 December members of the Allenton Big Local Partnership Group attended a Locally Trusted Organisations and Big Local Partnerships learning and networking event at The Edge in Sheffield.

The day provided a useful opportunity to meet and learn from residents and workers in other Big Local areas. The programme for the day included an update from Local Trust, followed by a series of workshops and information sharing sessions on topics such as financial management, collaboration, organising and facilitating meetings, working with volunteers and managing workers.

The managing workers session was held in the afternoon and was delivered by Sue, Edith, Joe and Jane from Allenton Big Local, along with their Big Local Rep, Bill. The aim of the session was to explore good practice for managing workers and the relationship between the partnership, locally trusted organisation and workers.

Participants who attended the session began by sharing some of the qualities they personally valued in their own experience of being managed. The Allenton Big Local team then presented Allenton’s experiences of managing their worker from the point of view of resident members and vice chairs, LTO lead and chair, the worker and the Big Local Rep. Various scenarios and experiences were discussed and comparisons were made on the different ways each of the Big Local areas managed their workers. The session concluded with group discussions on what techniques had worked in each area, what the challenges had been and how these had been overcome.

The managing worker session provided an interesting insight into the various ways Big Local areas manage their workers. What was clear was that there was no one ‘right way’. Each Big Local area had a slightly different approach to engaging and managing their workers. However, the areas each had many shared experiences in common and round-the-table reflections on how the challenges and opportunities had been dealt with provided some useful ideas for those involved in managing workers.