The latest from our Big Local Rep

The latest from our Big Local Rep

Big Local Rep’s Report for January – March 2016

Looking back

This has been a busy three months, reviewing and building the new plan and making progress on delivery, including toward the community hub.

Running things

Monthly meetings are well attended by the partnership and an excellent forum for sharing and reviewing progress and scoping new ideas. All residents are welcome to attend.

The plan review was undertaken by the partnership in January. This was a thorough process and one that brought learning from the first year in one place.

The second plan followed, with a strong mix of holding on to what had worked and adding new or revised elements that responded best to learning and new emerging needs.

The brilliant and very clear Spendometer shows spend to date and projected spend through the next three year plan. The partnership recognises this is an accelerated spending curve in line with need, opportunity and capacity which will need to be addressed in the final years of the ten year programme.

Doing things

Activity remains strong relating to all main priorities and all SLAs and reports are published on line for transparency and accountability. Those from NACRO for children and young people and Enthusiasm for young people led onto a new initiative of inviting and hearing from those who had benefited in a partnership meeting. This brought the stories into the room and gave direct evidence of activity and its impact.

The plan assessment was undertaken by Helen Fairweather who met with some of the partnership. In her report she wrote:

“Activities are already starting to show shifts in perceptions, and have a good mix between individual support for the most vulnerable, and developing community facilities and spirit, which should be a good basis for lasting change.”

Looking ahead

With the second plan approved, the partnership is looking forward to seeing a building up of activity with children and young people and their families. In addition, it is looking at community events for the year and looking to move from one big event to at least four smaller ones, based on community feedback and seeking greater reach and impact for money spent.

There is new hope for the St Martin’s proposed community hub gaining momentum after the appointment of a project lead with an excellent track record, skills and appetite. As a church member, she is also joining the Allenton Big Local partnership which will strengthen ties and improve shared effort.

Working well

The partnership remains strong and vibrant and keen to do the very best with and for residents. It is thorough in its working and committed to transparency and showing the impact Allenton Big Local is having. It was very disappointed in the poor quality of its experience of the national impact process led by R4C but this has not dampened its appetite to review its work in innovative ways such as working with young people from the youth club as reporters, using multi-media to tell the story.

Bill Badham – Allenton Big Local Rep