Rep’s Report April – June 2019

Rep’s Report April – June 2019

As your Big Local Rep, every three months I share my thoughts on local area progress with you as residents and with the central team managing the national programme. Your comments and thoughts are always welcome. 

Looking back

Running things

The partnership meets monthly and the minutes are posted on the website as are good news stories of local action and change and the latest newsletter

After the rewarding but hard work of submitting and gaining approval for the next and final three year plan, this last quarter focused on recruiting a new plan co-ordinator and comms lead, putting in place new Service Level Agreements with each key delivery partner and ensuring there is a seamless process across the last and new plan. The partnership is delighted at the recruitment of Paul Brookhouse taking on both functions, living in and committed to the local area. Paul’s focus in these early months is to ensure contractual arrangements are up to date and in place and to improve the content and look of communications, including her website. The partnership also welcomes back Nicola Camp as a resident member of the board. 

In April, three members of Local Trust team visited, Matt Leach, Chief Executive of Local Trust, Georgie Burr and Fiona Cowley. Matt emailed the chair to say:

“Massive thanks to you for providing such a warm welcome to us all when we visited. It was inspiring to see quite how much you’ve managed to achieve, not least through your support for the community hall which has helped enable something very special to happen.  And it was great to get a real feel for the enthusiasm of your partners, both for your work and the potential legacy you are creating.

It’s clear that you’ve still got some challenges to tackle, not least bringing the next generation of local activists and change makers onto your partnership and helping them learn from your own experience, as part of the “people” legacy of your work. But you’ve achieved a huge amount so far which you can all feel rightly proud of as you move towards the launch of your new plan.”

Doing things

Service Level Agreements are being met by partners, with the partnership confirming progress through reviewing recent reports. Great work continues in improving the life skills of children and families, young people’s life skills  and those of adult residents through the work club. Panda Media’s excellent 20 minute film plots the journey of building and launching St Martin’s Community Hall. 

Looking ahead

With Paul Brookhouse in post, progress is being made on updating service level agreements and on communications. A new piece of work is due to be launched in the summer through Derby Adult Learning over four weeks of the summer holidays with 12 places per sessions using arts and crafts to promote health and wellbeing.

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