Hard work, commitment and energy!

Hard work, commitment and energy!

Allenton Big Local funds street dance training for young people from the Allenton area – an activity that is delivered by the Enthusiasm Trust in partnership with Trinity Warriors. Trinity Warriors is a Derby based dance academy which became famous when they reached the semi-finals of Sky One’s ‘Got to Dance’ show in 2011.

Offering this combination of professional dance tutoring with specialist youth support gives the young people involved a creative outlet and the chance to experience something new, energetic and fun in a safe and welcoming environment. Because the sessions are open access, young people are able to build new friendships, nurture existing ones and learn skills that require discipline, trust and respect. The dance sessions also improve their view to fitness and healthy living, build their confidence and develop a new level of self-esteem. Importantly, by learning and working with other young people in a team environment, the dancers develop key communication skills and learn to interact effectively with others.

In communities where there is an above average demographic of disadvantage and/or deprivation, access to the arts and cultural activities can often be restricted, and the limited opportunities available often go to artistically gifted young people within the area. The street dance sessions funded by Allenton Big Local encourage all young people in the area to get involved, regardless of whether they have any experience or previous knowledge of dance.

In their most recent street dance report, a spokesperson from the Enthusiasm Trust said: “The learning and relationships nurtured through this project address the immediate development and life-skills priorities of the young people involved and provide an experience and memories that can never be taken away. Through the medium of dance, talented young people in Allenton are tapping into a whole new world of artistic opportunity.”

Weeks of hard work,  preparation and commitment paid off when the young people performed an energetic and acrobatic routine at the Big Local Conference on 24 October at St Martin’s Methodist Church in Allenton. You can watch the performance here:

“The enjoyment the young people got from performing the routine on 24 October shone through in their smiles and energy. They worked hard to perfect their routine and the performance went down extremely well with the multi-generational audience, who were members of Big Local organisations from across the UK.”

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