Local rep’s report – April to June 2015

Local rep’s report – April to June 2015

This has been an important three months of reflection and consolidation, adding to the partnership, taking stock of the plan and gaining approval from Local Trust of the second year budget.

Looking back

Running things

The partnership remains strong and continues to meet monthly. The second year’s activities and budget of the two year plan have been approved after a comprehensive review posted on the website. The partnership constitution has been updated and uploaded to the website after the annual review. A new resident member of the partnership was recruited. Heather Russo lives and works in the area for Enthusiasm and brings valuable knowledge and skills to Allenton Big Local.

Doing things

The review that the partnership did looked at the themes, priorities and activities undertaken this first year. These were seen to have been well received and to have made a significant difference to individuals, families and the wider community. With a core partnership of 10, there are 40 others who actively contribute to helping make the vision a reality. About 1300 people have benefited directly from activities funded through the plan and a further 1500 people have benefited through for example taking part in the annual Big Event.

Partnership energies to progress the plan have been focused on the community hub, an exciting but complex element, owned by St Martin’s Church, managed by Derby Homes and overseen and funded by Allenton Big Local. The partnership is meeting the newly formed management committee of St Martin’s community hub and Derby Homes to discuss the proposed business plan and building development costs.

Under the theme of creating opportunities for training and employment, a proposed bursary scheme to be run on the lines of the community chest, has been approved as a  means to support people in taking on courses or getting jobs.

Looking ahead

The first plan, extended to April, was concluded successfully, with some but not a massive underspend. The budget was revised in consultation with the partnership and submitted and agreed with Local Trust. This is now in full swing, with a range of activity across the three themes in the plan.

Preparations are going ahead for the next Big Event along with the range of work with children, families and young people. A recent community chest application was also approved for Upbeat, building on their achievements last year,

What’s working well

The partnership is sound, focused and very committed. Attendance is high and meetings always lead to positive action and progress. It is a reflective group, able and willing to challenge concerns and take action for example on the street performers programme to remedy difficulties or delay.

The Community hub, potentially an investment of £70,000 from Allenton Big Local, needs to be based on the durable foundations of a robust legal agreement, a strong management committee led by St Martin’s and a workable business plan that shows the potential hub is viable and will not jeopardise other related local activity. It is hoped that these elements will soon be in place, allowing for detailed architectural drawings and costings to go ahead leading to renovations in the autumn.